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First Medals for Qatar in Curling

DOHA, October 18, 2017-Despite the short history of Curling in Qatar, Qatari players claimed their first ever medals in the fastest growing Olympic Sport. The friendly tournament ran with a single round robin system with three Countries in Turkey but  it is still a great acheivement and a step forward for Qatar.

At the end of September Qatari players participated in a practice camp as guests of the Turkish Curling Federation alongside with Kazakhstan. The practice camp was an important part of the preparations for the Pacific Asia Curling Championships.

During the camp period the Turkish Curling Federation organized a small tournament with a single round robin system for their own aftergrowth and the participating national team members from abroad. Both our women's and men's teams claimed one victory and suffered one loss. In between on Ice practices the World Floor Curling Federation also hosted a small three Countries bonspiel where the Qatari Teams claimed the Gold and the Bronze medals.

The 8 days of practices showed a lot of improvements and built great fellowship between Turkish and Qatari players. The two Federations keep developing their relationship and intend to cooperate in the future too.

„It was a great experience and we've learnt a lot" Summarized Mubarkah Al-Abdulla the skip of the Women's team.

„The camp helped us improve our skills a lot. Everyone was friendly to us and made us feel like home" said Abdulrahman Ali Mohsen the second of the Men's team.